Workshop and handicraft production

We are an independent artisan workshop. The products we offer are the result of our commitment, research, creativity and responsibility.

All our products are born in our laboratory, born in 2017 on the outskirts of Campobasso. We are in Ferrazzano , in the heart of Molise.

  • We start from the selection of the best raw materials. A constant search for Italian and international typicality and excellence.
  • We carry out each step by hand, constantly improving our recipes and preparations.
Shockino ingredients laboratory
  • Spreadable creams
  • Pralines
  • Tablets
All our products are the result of specially studied recipes.

Our fillings are ganaches made from our own creams. We prefer to use hazelnuts from Piedmont, which we buy directly from the farm that grows them. We also only use high quality jams, marmalades and jellies. The selection of essential oils is our flagship.

In the modular pralines, to offer you the best experience at every bite, we place the flavors in a precise order. The maps, inside each box, will help you identify the tastes to compose your Mixes.

The attention to detail is followed until the packaging is closed. We check and close all the production manually and in freshness for each single order.

We are satisfied with our work only when our products meet the quality requirements that we consider fundamental.

Write to us, we will contact you.

  • Shockino laboratorio artigianale


    Our store and laboratory is located in Ferrazzano.

    Along the Provincial Road 58, in Contrada Vallone della Taverna – Nuova Comunità 18.

    Ferrazzano is a village of excellence, and we are just a few kilometers from Campobasso.

  • semifreddo laboratorio artigianale


    A wide offer dedicated to lovers of innovative and genuine products.

    Personalized GIFT BOX service, packs and greeting cards.

    Wedding & Gift area to create unique packages.

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