Who we are

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We are the creators of the modular praline.

This is our little intuition:

"If you think your life is like a box of chocolates... don't settle but change the box.

What if I decided the flavors of my chocolate?

My life would no longer be like a banal box of chocolates. "

It all started from here.

We are Shockino Mix Experience, today a small laboratory on the outskirts of Campobasso, nestled between a panoramic walk (hey friends...stop for a chat when you pass...) and the medieval village of Ferrazzano. A village of excellence.

Shockino's first idea However, it was born in 2008. Almost by chance and the result of the usual phone calls between us (Gabriele and Piergiorgio), designers and lifelong friends. With this first idea we also participate in a competition dedicated to chocolate and organized in the city of Turin.

Obviously the idea doesn't win and so it goes back in the drawer.

Only at the end of 2014, after years of development and fine-tuning (further phone calls and a lot of stubbornness) did it go from an idea to a real product which was finally marketed as the first modular praline in the world .

The modular praline? What are you talking about!?

In recent years we have often heard this phrase. And today we answer like this:

We are talking about a non-trivial, simple but novel idea. A project that has given life to a unique product in the world.

The modular praline. How does it work?

A base, a ring and a piece of chocolate form a praline of approximately 14 grams. All made by hand with high quality raw materials, selected from Italian and international products. A product with a strong design and innovation content, an emblem of food-design and born from the creative vision of the designers Piergiorgio Carozza And Gabriele Cossu .

modular praline how it worksshockino modular pralines

The idea is so valid that in 2015 it obtained the Honorable Mention Compasso d'Oro International and is also present in the selection ADI INDEX . The Compasso d'Oro is the oldest, but above all the most authoritative, world award dedicated to design. Not bad huh?

In 2016, after almost two years of commercial tests and checks, Shockino transforms from an idea and project to a company. Shockino Srl which aims to take care of all aspects relating to the research, production and marketing of high added value products. Shockino Food Design

The “Honorable Mention at the Compasso d'Oro” is a unique recognition for this product category.

Some important stages that are worth sharing

  • 2015 Honorable Mention at the International Compasso d'Oro
    • In 2015 Shockino Mix Experience was selected in the ADI Design Index 2015 and in the same year obtained the "Honourable Mention" at the Compasso d'Oro Internazionale in the Food-Design category.
    • November 2016 Shockino Srl was born
      • Since November 2016, Shockino has been an Italian company, based in Campobasso, which sees the creators and a shareholder team with great experience in the food packaging and food technologies sector personally involved.
    • 2017 the Shockino-Lab was born
      • 2017 sees the birth of the Shockino-Lab, our artisan laboratory located in Ferrazzano just outside Campobasso in the splendid Molise countryside. Here we select the best ingredients and take care of the preparation of the chocolate shirts and ganache. We use jams, marmalades and jellies and sprinkle every single praline by hand. We package and ship throughout Italy, offering a "Made in Italy" product that is a synthesis of the tradition of Italian food and design. To do this in recent years we have studied and studied the operational and practical part a lot, making use of the collaboration of the "Master Pastry Chef" Paolo Caridi, our technical tutor, involved in the project to improve and always maintain high quality standards of production.
    • 2019 new products and growth.
      • In 2019 we also launch spreadable creams and tablets on the market and begin the certification process.
      • In the meantime, the first growth activities towards export markets begin and we aim to create the first structured distribution in Italy.
    • 2020, our point of sale.
      • In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we inaugurated our store in Ferrazzano, just outside Campobasso. In the meantime we also present the online configurator for modular pralines.
    • 2022, We become SMEs, the Fresco Experience arrives and the fairs resume.
      • Our offer expands to semifreddo products. The 100g single format in a jar is available for retail and foodservice channels.
      • In the meantime, the sector fairs are starting again and we are taking part in EuroChocolate, Salone del Gusto and Golosaria. In previous years Shockino has been the protagonist of events and tastings throughout Italy, starting from EXPO2015 at the Salone del Mobile and Salon du Chocolat in Milan, Cibus Parma and Vinitaly in Verona.
      • We move from Innovative StartUp to Innovative SME, going through a complex and challenging two-year period

    Shockino menzione d’onore al Compasso d’Oro ADI

    International Compasso d'Oro. 2015 edition

    Design for Food and Nutrition:

    The first edition of the ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award, dedicated to the theme 'Design for Food and Nutrition', ended on 2 December 2015.

    The jury awarded 16 Honorable Mentions to as many products, selecting 91 objects from the nominations submitted from all over the world. The jurors, selected by ADI, were: the designers Ron Arad and Denis Santachiara (president), Daniela Piscitelli, the journalist Aurelio Magistà and the professors Livia Pomodoro and Paolo Sorcinelli.

    Shockino Mix Experience is "Honorable Mention" in the Food-Design category.