Ingredients and tastes

A careful selection of raw materials.

This is how our "Made in Molise" product lines were born.


We carefully select each ingredient directly from farms or from the best suppliers of natural products.


Dried fruit, essences, candied fruit, jams, marmalades and jellies preferably belonging to the IGP , ORGANIC , DOP , DOCG categories.

The tastes

We manage over 30 flavors and genuine ingredients from Italian and international territory. Combined with chocolate, they ensure a unique experience in the world and a perfect gift idea .

Our products are:

  • Modular pralines
  • Chocolate bars
  • Spreadable creams
  • Easter eggs
  • Covered candied fruit
  • Semifreddo in a jar
All dedicated to those who like to create their own experience, experiment and discover something different every day.
  • Shockino_Tintilia_illustrazione

    Tintilia - Molise

    Tintilia is an ancient vine, probably of Spanish origin, which arrived in Molise about 350 years ago where it found its ideal environment. Cultivated in medium-high hills, Tintilia is characterized by a small bunch and a very low yield. Today it is classified DOC and there are about 90 hectares cultivated throughout the region. For our pralines we use a jelly made from must which preserves the unmistakable aromatic characteristics.

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  • Shockino_Nocciole_Piemonte_illustrazione

    Hazelnut - Piedmont

    The denomination Nocciola del Piemonte designates the "Tonda Gentile delle Langhe" fruit, grown in the territory identified in the reference decree within the Piedmont region. The variety is characterized by a hard and completely full shell which allows good shelling yields, it also boasts unique quality parameters such as the spheroidal shape of the seed, excellent taste and aroma after roasting and excellent conservation.

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  • Shockino_Menta_Pancalieri_illustrazione

    Peppermint – Pancalieri

    Pancalieri mint is considered the finest and strongest mint in Europe and is produced in Italy, more precisely in Piedmont. In a small agricultural town of 2000 inhabitants, called Pancalieri, the peppermint variety "Officinalis Sole" grows strong and abundant. The uniqueness lies precisely in the refinement of the perfume, in the delicacy of the aroma and in the pleasantness of the taste.

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  • Shockino_Peperoncino_illustrazione

    Chilli - Calabria

    Chilli has been used as food since ancient times and Calabria has made it the basis of its regional dishes and culture. It is a very popular condiment despite being irritating and sometimes painful. Hot peppers are rich in vitamin C and are believed to have many beneficial effects on human health when used in moderation. It has a strong antioxidant power and this has earned it the reputation of anticancer.

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  • Shockino_Vaniglia_illustrazione

    Vanilla – Tahiti

    The "vanilla tahitiensis", known as Vanilla Tahiti, is a variety produced on the island of French Polynesia. The berry is dark brown, about 18-20 cm long, thick and soft. The warm and delicate scent, with a fruity note of plum, is linked to the pod. This in fact is indehiscent and does not open when it reaches maturity and can be harvested at the time of its maximum flavor and aroma. The annual production is 10 tons compared to a world production of about 12,000 tons.

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  • Shockino_Arance_illustrazione

    Blood oranges - Sicily

    It is believed that the orange was introduced in Italy in the 14th century, particularly in Sicily, where since then orange groves have been the characteristic landscape of the countryside. Blood oranges are a natural supplement thanks to their lightness and extraordinary richness in nutrients to support the daily energy requirement. Its maturation takes place from November until late spring.

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  • Crema spalmabile Fondente e Mirto di Sardegna - Shockino Cioccolato

    Myrtle – Sardinia

    Myrtle is a shrubby plant of the Myrtaceae family, typical of the Mediterranean maquis. In Italy, the land par excellence of myrtle is Sardinia . Famous for its liqueur, essential oils with incredible medicinal and aromatic properties are also extracted. It boasts balsamic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties. We use myrtle essence with a high degree of purity and classified as BIO.

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  • Shockino_Bergamotto_illustrazione

    Bergamot - Calabria

    Bergamot , the name derives from the Turkish "begarmudi" and that is "pear of the lord" and its scent is unique. The genesis still remains a mystery, but one fact is certain, it is one of the most precious and typical essences of our country and in particular of Calabria . With the Latin name "Citrus bergamia risso" we identify the typical citrus fruit of the coast of Reggio and it is used for both food and therapeutic purposes.

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  • Shockino Pepe illustrazione

    Pepper Tellicerry - India

    It is a prized pepper named after the Thalassery region in the state of Kerala, India . It is characterized by a larger berry which allows for a higher concentration of piperine in the pulp. This feature makes it a superior quality pepper variety. It is a powerful pepper, with a long persistence in the mouth, with a warm and intense taste.

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  • Shockino_Nocciole_Giffoni_illustrazione

    Giffoni hazelnuts - Campania

    The Giffoni hazelnut is defined as the queen of hazelnuts, its cultivation is concentrated in the province of Salerno. The flavour, the sweetness and the aroma are the characteristics that make it unique, precious and regal. It is renowned for its rounded shape, in fact called "la Tonda" , the brown shell with darker streaks and the white and firm pulp and is perfect for tasting.

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  • Shockino_Nocciole_Piemonte_illustrazione

    Gianduja - Piedmont

    Gianduia is a preparation made with cocoa and hazelnuts. Its creation is attributed to the Turin pastry chefs , who partially replaced the cocoa with a mixture of hazelnuts. From a perfect blending of simple elements such as cocoa, cocoa butter, hazelnuts and sugar, a product can be obtained which is considered an "Italian masterpiece" throughout the world.

    We make this flavor using our own recipe

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  • Shockino_Cabossa_Cacao_illustrazione

    Ruby chocolate

    Ruby chocolate or pink chocolate is a completely natural variety of chocolate, without the use of added colorings and preservatives. This type of chocolate, as the main characteristic of its colour, has the presence of natural pigments contained in the cocoa beans which are grown exclusively in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. The ruby ​​cocoa beans used in the making of chocolate are reddish and have a fruity flavour, while containing no fruit or additives.

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  • Shockino_Cannella_illustrazione

    Cinnamon - Madagascar

    Madagascar cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), also known as "Cinnamon verum" , is the most valuable and expensive variety. It has a fragrant, sweet, slightly spicy aroma and citrus notes that give it a little touch of freshness. Cinnamon is a powerful natural antioxidant, it stimulates blood circulation and fights cholesterol.

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  • Shockino_Caramello_illustrazione


    Caramel is the result of cooking sucrose until it melts, which occurs above 160 °C . With the caramel we proceed to caramelize sweet and savory preparations.

    Dark caramel is decidedly amber in colour, and remains semi-liquid for a very short time, to then crystallize as soon as it cools.

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  • Shockino_Tea_Matcha_illustrazione

    Matcha tea - Japan

    Matcha is a green tea from Japan and is very precious. Cultivated exclusively in Japan, it looks like a very fine and fragrant powder. Its main feature is its intense green colour. The finest matcha comes from the city of Uji in Kyoto prefecture. The climatic conditions of these areas are optimal for its production. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll.

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  • Shockino Pistacchio

    Pistachio - Sicily

    The pistachio in Italy is almost synonymous with Bronte , a town in the province of Catania, it is a variety of pistachio with unique characteristics. Since 2009 it has been considered a variety with protected designation of origin - DOP It is also called "green gold" and its value is linked precisely to the particular requirements it must meet: intense green color and strong aromatic flavour. Today it is also grown in Raffadali, still in Sicily, and in some areas of Lucania.

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  • Shockino_Caffe_illustrazione

    Coffee - Guatemala

    One of the best coffees in the world grows in Guatemala thanks to the sub-tropical climate enjoyed by the plantations and which favors the perfect ripening of the beans. It is cultivated up to 2000 meters in height thanks to the warm winds from Mexico which temper the cold altitude. We use this "single-origin" coffee with an aroma of chocolate, caramel and an intense aroma.

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  • Shockino_Noce_Sorrento_illustrazione

    Sorrento walnut - Campania

    Depending on the variety, the Sorrento walnut has an elongated shape, pointed at the top and rounded at the base, or more rounded. The shell is light in colour, not very wrinkled and thin, while the kernel is white in colour, not very oily, crunchy and easy to extract intact. Relevant is the presence of an amino acid, called arginine, very important for the health of the arteries, which helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

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  • Shockino_Cabossa_Cacao_illustrazione

    Cocoa beans - Peru

    It comes from Peru from the Theobroma Cacao plant, from Theos which means "god" and broma "food", or food of the gods. The Maya were the first to cultivate plants and also exploit them from an economic point of view, cocoa beans were used as currency. Christopher Columbus discovered them in 1502, when the Aztecs offered visitors cocoa beans as a gesture of hospitality.

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  • Shockino_Pinoli_illustrazione

    Pine nut - Pisa or Siberia

    The Pisa pine nut is a hand-picked natural product that does not undergo any chemical treatment or mechanical stress, keeping its organoleptic and nutritional properties intact. It has a light yellow colour, with a pasty but not crunchy pulp, aromatic and with a slightly resinous taste.

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  • Shockino_Liquirizia_illustrazione

    Licorice Atri - Abruzzo

    The "Glycyrrhiza glabra" or commonly called licorice , is a shrub that can reach two meters in height, belonging to the legume family. The precious licorice root has made the city of Atri , in the province of Teramo, famous, and more precisely the Calanchi nature reserve. In an ancient monastery, Dominican friars have been extracting licorice juice since the Middle Ages thanks to the excellent quality of the roots they collected in the surrounding area.

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  • Shockino Mandorle illustrazione

    Nougat Bagnara - Calabria

    The Torrone di Bagnara is a typical dessert of the Calabrian tradition obtained from the processing of sugar, toasted almonds, honey, egg whites, bitter cocoa, essential oils and powdered spices. Depending on the covering, of sugar in grains or bitter cocoa, it is distinguished in the two varieties Martiniana or glazed roasted.

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  • Shockino_Mandorle_illustrazione

    Almonds - Sicily

    In Italy the almond is a great classic. Perhaps the most famous one is grown in Sicily, but there are also unique excellences in Puglia. In the kitchen, it is mainly used in pastry to make marzipan, sugared almonds, martorana fruit, nougat, cubbaita, cassata, almond biscuits, almond milk, almond granita. The extracted oil is a fundamental component of cosmetic products.

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  • Shockino Anacardo illustrazione


    Anacardium L. is a genus of tropical trees of the Anacardiaceae family. The name Anacardium comes from the Greek kardia = "heart", due to the shape of the fruit. The leaves are simple, alternate, obovate, glabrous, with rounded apex and short petiole, up to 15-20 cm long depending on the species. The fruit consists of a fleshy part and a dry fruit placed at the end of the fleshy part.

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