World Industrial Design Day celebration

Giornata internazionale del Design

World Industrial Design Day Celebration: Showcasing Innovative Designs

Happy World Industrial Design Day !

Today we celebrate the innovative minds creating products and designs that make our lives easier, more efficient and beautiful. Industrial design is all around us, from the sleek lines of our smartphones to the ergonomic curves of our chairs. It's the art of blending form and function, technology and aesthetics, to create something that not only looks beautiful but works well. This day is an opportunity to showcase the best and brightest in the industry, highlighting designers who are changing the way we interact with the world. So whether you're a designer or just appreciate good design when you see it, join Shockino in celebrating World Industrial Design Day and the incredible work that goes into bringing new ideas to life.

Introduction to World Industrial Design Day

World Industrial Design Day was established in 2007 to celebrate the role of industrial design in modern society. It is celebrated on 29 June each year and aims to raise awareness of the value of industrial design and its ability to improve people's lives. Industrial design is a discipline that combines art and science, seeking to find creative solutions to practical problems. It focuses on creating products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and accessible to the public.

Industrial design has a significant impact on people's daily lives. It is responsible for creating products ranging from the simple pen to the latest hybrid car model. Without design, we wouldn't have all the conveniences and products we use every day. It is also important for the global economy, contributing to job creation and business growth.

The importance of industrial design in society

Industrial design has a significant impact on modern society. It has the ability to improve people's lives by making products easier to use and more accessible. Furthermore, industrial design also has the potential to improve environmental sustainability by creating products that are more energy efficient and that use recyclable materials.

Design is also an important source of innovation. Designers are often the first to introduce new technologies and materials into their products. This can help push the entire industry forward, leading to new products and services that improve people's lives.

Examples of innovative industrial design

There are many examples of innovative industrial design that have changed the way we interact with the world. From the simple washing machine that has definitively changed the routine of washing clothes to the mouse for the computer . But even the simple paper clip up to the Apple Macintosh is design. The Macintosh for example introduced a new design for computers, with a graphical user interface that made it easier for people to interact with the computer, and making the most of the mouse itself.

But the list would be endless, everything is design! From the bicycle seat to the glass we use every day to drink. The chair where we spend many hours working on the lamp that illuminates our living room.

There is good design and bad design. Good design is the fruit of research, analysis, curiosity and a spirit of innovation. Bad design is unfortunately a mere commercial speculation, which does not put man and interaction with the object/interface in first place.

Another example of a successful industrial design project was industrial designer Jonathan Ive's design for the Apple iPhone . The iPhone ushered in a new era of smartphones, with a sleek design and a host of innovative features. The iPhone has changed the way people interact with their phones, paving the way for a host of applications and services that make life easier and more fun.

Furthermore, it is important to mention the masters of Italian Design , an incredible list of personalities who have made an unprecedented contribution to the development of our country. Bruno Munari , Achille Castiglioni , Enzo Mari , Vico Magistretti just to name the main ones. It is impossible to give a summary of a few lines on the projects and objects that have characterized the history of modern Italy.

Speaking of the masters of Italian design, we want to focus on recent news that cannot go unnoticed. The Achille Castiglioni museum and foundation risks losing the place where all the work of Maestro Achille Castiglioni is preserved. An incredible story, which risks erasing an important part of the history of Design itself. The foundation has been led by the family for years but 20 years after the designer's death and without broader support it can no longer sustain the management costs.

From here comes a collection of signatures that everyone hopes will help our government understand the importance of a place like the Castiglioni studio and its conservation. LINK TO THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION

The impact of technology on industrial design

Technology has also had a significant impact on industrial design in recent years. It has allowed designers to create products that would have been impossible just a few years ago, and it has also changed the way products are designed and produced. Just think about LEDs in lighting.

One of the ways that technology has also influenced industrial design has been through the use of 3D design software . These programs allow designers to create virtual models of their products, allowing them to test and modify the design before producing the actual product.

Technology has also allowed designers to use innovative materials and manufacturing processes. For example, the use of 3D printers has allowed designers to create prototypes and product parts much more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing methods.

The future of industrial design

The future of industrial design is a book yet to be written. There are many new technologies and materials that could revolutionize the way products are designed and produced. For example, virtual reality could allow designers to create virtual models of their products and test them in a virtual environment before producing the actual product.

Additionally, the technology could also enable designers to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. For example, the use of recyclable materials and more efficient manufacturing processes could help reduce the environmental impact of products.

Awards and recognitions for industrial design

There are many awards and recognitions that are awarded to the most talented industrial designers. One of the most prestigious is the ADI Compasso d'Oro , which is awarded to products that stand out for their innovative and high-quality design.

In this case we can only quote ourselves.

In fact, in 2015 Shockino achieved the Honorable Mention at the Compasso d'Oro in the category with the modular praline. Design for Food and Nutrition. The first edition of the ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award , dedicated to the theme 'Design for Food and Nutrition', ended on 2 December 2015.

Shockino honorable mention at the ADI Compasso d'Oro

The jury awarded 16 Honorable Mentions to as many products, selecting 91 objects from the nominations proposed from all over the world. The jurors, selected by ADI, were: the designers Ron Arad and Denis Santachiara (president), Daniela Piscitelli, the journalist Aurelio Magistà and the professors Livia Pomodoro and Paolo Sorcinelli.

shockino modular pralines

Our project and product has in fact emerged thanks to its characteristics of functionality, innovation, valorisation of raw materials and territoriality. A product of synthesis and vision in a mature sector and product category.


World Industrial Design Day is an opportunity to celebrate industrial design and its impact on society. It's a day to recognize the designers who are changing the way we interact with the world and to appreciate the products that make our lives easier, more efficient and beautiful. We hope this article has given you a greater understanding of the world of industrial design and the importance of its role in our daily lives.

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