World Pistachio Day: the green gold is celebrated on February 26th.

Giornata Mondiale del Pistacchio: il 26 febbraio si celebra l'oro verde.

World Pistachio Day is celebrated on February 26, the day dedicated to the most loved dried fruit in the world. A prized and sought-after food, it is known for its aromatic and pleasant flavour. The main ingredient in pastry and ice cream, especially in recent years it is the protagonist in the kitchen to flavor and flavor creative recipes of the highest quality.

Shockino Pistachio

It is native to the Middle East, where it was already cultivated in prehistoric times, particularly in Persia (present-day Iran). It is also called "green gold" and its value is linked precisely to the particular requirements it must meet: an intense green color and a strong aromatic flavour.

The pistachio bears fruit in a two-year cycle and in Italy the fruit harvested in the Bronte areas is mainly known. But there are also other areas of origin such as Raffadali and also in the province of Matera.

In the world it is cultivated in various areas and currently Iran is the holder of the production record.

At Shockino we use Sicilian pistachio and transform it into rich grains, natural spreadable creams and a delicious ingredient for our pralines, bars and Easter eggs .

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