The Mix Experience in Foodservice format.


Shockino products are also available in formats dedicated to hotels, restaurants and catering.

  • The modular pralines, bars and single-serving creams are ideal welcome amenities for hotels or hospitality businesses.
  • The spreadable creams are also made in 1 and 3 kg formats to garnish desserts, cakes, croissants and perfect for gourmet ice cream. Upon request, it is also possible to make them in single-use pastry bags . Also available in the 40g single-serving glass format for breakfast
  • The semifreddo in jars in the single-serving 100g format are specific for catering businesses. Immediately ready, in eight different flavours, it is handcrafted in our laboratory.
  • The modular pralines can be configured on offer food service to create sensational corner experiences for catering, corporate events and parties.

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