Brief guide to choosing the best spreadable creams

Breve guida alla scelta delle migliori creme spalmabili

The importance of choosing the right spreadable creams

Looking for the best spread may seem like a simple task, but with so many options available on the market, choosing the right one can get a little tricky. In this short guide, we'll give you all the tips you need to make the perfect choice.

One of the first things to consider is your lifestyle and food preferences. If you are vegan or have food intolerances , you may want to choose a spread that reflects these needs. Also, carefully evaluate the nutritional values , including fat, sugar and sodium content.

Another factor to consider is taste . Make sure you choose a spread that both you and your family will enjoy. You may want to try several options to find one that satisfies your palate.

Finally, take branding into consideration. Choose trusted companies that are committed to quality ingredients and a safe manufacturing process. Read online reviews to get an idea of ​​what other consumers think.

With these tips, you will be able to choose the best spread that will suit your tastes and nutritional needs. Happy spreading!

Understand the different types of spreads

The market today offers many types of spreadable creams. The best known are hazelnut spreads . Hazelnuts are used in different percentages at the base of their recipe. The higher the percentage of hazelnuts within the spreadable cream, the higher the final quality. The origin of hazelnuts is very diverse. In Italy the most famous hazelnuts are those from Piedmont but in reality there are different origins:

  • Giffoni hazelnut PGI (Campania)
  • the ancient Tonda hazelnut of Avellino (Campania)
  • the Tonda Gentile Romana DOP (Lazio)
  • the Tonda Gentile Trilobata PGI (Piedmont)
  • Sicilian or Nostral (Sicily)

But spreadable creams are not just hazelnuts. In fact, spreadable creams can also be made using almonds, pistachios and finally peanuts or walnuts. In short, every palate can find the right solution.

  • Nuts cream
  • Almond dark cream
  • Pistachio cream
  • Peanut cream
  • Walnut cream

Factors to consider when choosing spreadable creams

Every lifestyle has a specific requirement for energy and ingredients. Furthermore, taste preferences are very subjective. Food intolerances certainly cannot be underestimated. If you are vegan or have food intolerances, you may want to choose a spread that reflects these needs.

Today , gluten-free spreads are a popular product on the market. This is because mainly gluten-free ingredients are used. Furthermore, the risk of cross-contamination is always avoided in laboratories.

Another fundamental factor is the need for dairy-free spreads . Dairy-free spreads are a product certainly suitable for lactose intolerances . These spreadable creams do not contain milk or derivatives in the recipe.

Also, carefully evaluate the nutritional values , including fat, sugar and sodium content.

For other intolerances, such as nuts, always check before consuming by consulting the label or asking the manufacturer for information directly.

No Palm oil, an ethical choice.

Palm oil is a vegetable fat obtained from the processing of palm fruits. To be used in the food industry , the product undergoes a refining process at very high temperatures which destroys all its nutritional properties.
The result is an oil with a high concentration of saturated fats , odorless and tasteless, capable of resisting high temperatures and avoiding the rapid deterioration of the food products in which it is used.

In short, it makes the product denser, less subject to alteration due to temperature variations and preserves it for longer.

Depending on the studies considered, pama oil is more or less considered harmful to health. But it must certainly be stated that like many substances, palm oil is not harmful to health as such but can prove dangerous if taken in large quantities, like other vegetable oils and fats.
Furthermore, being a very cheap oil , it is used in most foods of industrial origin and this increases the risk of taking excessive quantities throughout the day.

To satisfy the ever-increasing demand for this product, producers have enlarged the production areas by resorting to deforestation of ecologically very important areas for the entire ecosystem.

For this reason, limiting its use or reducing its quantities represents an ethical solution to avoid any impact on health and, at the same time, reduce the deforestation associated with its cultivation.

The most popular spreads for breakfast and snacks

The most popular breakfast spreads are certainly hazelnut creams. These spreadable creams are made by combining at least three ingredients:

  • Hazelnuts
  • Milk
  • Cocoa
hazelnut spreads

Whether it's a daily breakfast or a small snack, these creams can be combined with different foods and drinks. Furthermore, the greedy taste meets the approval of every palate. This category includes Gianduja hazelnut creams , hazelnut and cocoa spreadable creams or cocoa-free solutions such as hazelnut and milk spreadable creams .

Healthy spreads for a balanced diet

Pistachio spreads certainly fall into this category. Pistachio is an international ingredient, characterized by an intense and unmistakable flavour. Pistachio comes from different areas but generally these are its main origins:

  • Iran, which alone covers approx there half of world production,
  • United States (covering approximately 20% of the market)
  • Türkiye
  • Greece
  • Italy (famous for the origin of Bronte - we talked about it here )
  • India
pistachio spreadable cream

Certainly a high percentage of pistachios makes a pistachio spread more valuable . However, it must be ensured that there is no excessive sophistication, preferring creams without added flavourings , without colourings.
The color of the pistachio cream is natural green. Depending on the roasting and other factors the color may vary slightly in intensity.
The percentage of white chocolate or cocoa butter can also affect the quality. Choose pistachio spreads with low percentages of cocoa butter and without white chocolate.

Spreadable creams for particular dietary needs (gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free...)

Dark chocolate spreads certainly fall into this category. Generally made from almonds , they contain the answer to growing needs in a single solution. Cocoa combined with almonds offers a rich and authentic flavor solution. Without milk, dark chocolate spreads are also the solution for lovers of strong flavours.

dark spreadable cream

Furthermore, low percentages of sugar and salt make a spreadable cream more suitable for specific diets.

Spreadable creams for desserts or cold products.

These are particular spreadable creams, capable of combining the spreadable cream with the gourmet topping . These spreadable creams are ideal for combining with:

  • yogurt
  • cheesecake
  • mousse
  • ice-cream
  • semifreddo
dark and peppermint spreadable cream

This is the category where you can let your imagination run wild, combining simple bases with more distinctive flavours. Whether it's a snack break or after dinner, these spreads are a real ally.

Conclusions: Finding the perfect spread for your tastes and lifestyle

There is no single solution to finding the perfect spreadable cream. The best spreads are certainly those made from quality ingredients. The recipe must be simple and the nutritional information balanced.

Choosing the spreadable cream is a subjective journey, guided by precise dietary needs. Surely every spreadable cream can represent a new taste experience and today you can find many solutions on the market.

We at Shockino offer artisanal spreadable creams . In our artisan workshop we use quality ingredients and do not use palm oil . Our artisanal spreads are intended for different needs: breakfast, snack, croissant filling, covering, dessert and ice cream.

We conclude this short guide with a suggestion of our spreadable creams combined with a specific moment of the day or need:

  • Gianduja hazelnut spread , ideal for breakfast and snacks
    Shockino Gianduja - WineHunter Award
  • Hazelnut and cocoa spreadable cream , with 50% hazelnuts, it is a cream for connoisseurs and perfect for covering cakes or for spreading on artisan bread .
    Hazelnut and cocoa spreadable cream
  • Pistachio spreadable cream , made with over 35% pistachios, does not contain chlorophyll, flavorings and gluten-free. Ideal for a break or to complete a meal as a garnish for a dessert.
    Pistachio spreadable cream
  • Dark chocolate spread , with an almond and cocoa base. Dairy-free and gluten-free, it is perfect when paired with a dessert during a coffee break.
    Dark spreadable cream
  • Dark and mint spreadable cream , the perfect mix between spreadable cream and gourmet topping. Dairy-free and gluten-free and characterized by the scent of peppermint, it is ideal on cheesecakes, yoghurt or mousse.
Dark and mint spreadable cream

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